Incidence Rate (IR) of COVID-19 per 1000 population (1 Nov - 8 Dec 2021)

Protection against COVID-19 infection wanes 3–5 months after vaccination

Protection against COVID-19 infection wanes 3–5 months after immunisation, according to RECoVaM research. COVID-19 booster shots are recommended to restore vaccine effectiveness.

Perlindungan terhadap jangkitan COVID-19 berkurangan 3-5 bulan selepas imunisasi, menurut kajian RECoVaM. Pengambilan dos penggalak vaksin COVID-19 adalah untuk meningkatkan tahap immuniti.

Does ivermectin reduce your risk of severe illness from COVID-19?

The study "IVERMECTIN TREATMENT EFFICACY IN COVID-19 HIGH RISK PATIENTS" (I-TECH STUDY) conducted by the Ministry of Health Malaysia came to this conclusion.

Source: Institute for Clinical Research (ICR) NIH, MOH Malaysia. (2021). I-TECH study, NMRR-21-155-58433; NCT04920942.

COVID-19 Clinical Course & Outcomes

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Risk Stratification for COVID-19 Patients & COVID-19 Warning signs

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COVID-19 Mortality Statistics in Malaysia

Infographics up to 22nd November 2020

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We would like to thank all the contributors who helped to translate the infographics:
Woon Yuan Liang, Yip Yan Yee, Terence Yew Chin Tan, Siau Thien Chen, A. Nivahshini, SN Azila Pandak, Rita Lasimbang, Cikgu Mabong Anak Unggang, Sr Mimah Pitok, SN Aileen Anak William Meluan, anonymous Iban angel.

Clinical Presentation Of COVID-19 Patients At Admission

1 in 2 COVID-19 patients is without symptoms at the time they tested positive.
For those who exhibit symptoms, the commonest COVID-19 symptoms on admission are cough, fever and sore throat.

A study involving 5,889 COVID-19 patients showed:

  • 31.6 % have symptoms but no lung involvement
  • 13.6 % lung infection without shortness of breath.
  • 3.5 % lung infection with shortness of breath.
  • 1.1 % very sick
  • 50.2 % no symptoms at all

If you have come in contact with a COVID-19 patient, you should contact Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia Hotline or consult a doctor nearest to you.

Wearing a face mask at public places is protecting us from being infected. Remember to practise 3W and avoid 3C.

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We would like to thank all the contributors who helped to translate the infographics "Clinical Presentation of COVID-19 Patients At Admission":
Dr Woon Yuan Liang, SN Azila Pandak and Dr Chew Cheng Hoon

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