Clinical Presentation Of COVID-19 Patients At Admission

Clinical Presentation Of COVID-19 Patients At Admission

1 in 2 COVID-19 patients is without symptoms at the time they tested positive.
For those who exhibit symptoms, the commonest COVID-19 symptoms on admission are cough, fever and sore throat.

A study involving 5,889 COVID-19 patients showed:

  • 31.6 % have symptoms but no lung involvement
  • 13.6 % lung infection without shortness of breath.
  • 3.5 % lung infection with shortness of breath.
  • 1.1 % very sick
  • 50.2 % no symptoms at all

If you have come in contact with a COVID-19 patient, you should contact Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia Hotline or consult a doctor nearest to you.

Wearing a face mask at public places is protecting us from being infected. Remember to practise 3W and avoid 3C.

You can read the study presented in NCCR 2020 | Conference Of Very Important Disease (COVID-19) below:

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