COVID-19 Mortality Statistics in Malaysia

COVID-19 Mortality Statistics in Malaysia

Are you at risk of getting severe COVID-19? Do you know anyone who fit the statistics?

The COVID-19 Mortality Statistics in Malaysia  infographic (as Of 11th October 2020) was derived from both DG's Press Statement and data from National COVID-19 Mortality Review Committee.⠀

After the initial infographic on severe COVID-19 cases in Malaysia, we feel that there is an urgent need to translate this information to make it available for everyone in Malaysia.

If you can contribute or know of someone who may want to volunteer to translate from English to other Malaysian dialects/languages, please do share this spreadsheet ( to them (especially indigenous languages).

Please add your names at the bottom of the translation (in the spreadsheet), and we would like to acknowledge your kind and noble work.

If you find the translation can be improved, please do improve it and add your name at the bottom too.

If you are curious where it will go once the translation work completed, you can view the example below or view them at our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn).

Thank you for your contribution:
Siau Thien Chen, @aizen.siau, Woon Yuan Liang, Yip Yan Yee, Terence Yew Chin Tan, A. Nivahshini, SN Azila Pandak, Rita Lasimbang, Cikgu Mabong Anak Unggang, Sr Mimah Pitok, SN Aileen Anak William Meluan, anonymous Iban angel... (more names will be added soon)

Thank you so much for your kind and noble work for Malaysia

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