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We just finished 3 seasons of COVID-19 webinar. If you are interested to catch the past webinar sessions, please go to Resources (click here).


COVID-19 Webinar Series Feedback Survey

Thank you for attending our webinar! We would love to invite you to join our survey study on Health Care Providers' Evaluation of the Weekly "Webinar Series On COVID-19" For Continuing Medical Education (CME). We would like to hear your feedback about this webinar series. Here is the link

P/S: You will be awarded with a research participation certificate upon completion which you can use for your LNPT/SKT/work appraisal etc.

About us

Clinical Updates in COVID-19

This site contains videos, podcasts, slide presentations and information from the weekly live webinar jointly organized by Malaysian Society of Infection Control and Infectious Diseases (MyICID) & Institute for Clinical Research (ICR), National Institutes of Health (NIH) Malaysia.

The objective is to disseminate knowledge on COVID-19 management and infection control practices to medical practitioners in the public and private hospitals in Malaysia.

This is also a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity for Health Care Providers in Malaysia.

Resources and information on COVID-19

Here you can access to the videos, podcasts, slides and notes on COVID-19.

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