Webinar Series on Demystifying Phases in Clinical Trials & COVID-19 Updates

Webinar Series on Demystifying Phases in Clinical Trials & COVID-19 Updates

In July 2021, Institute for Clinical Research will organize a new webinar series on Demystifying Clinical Trials and Updates in COVID-19. Tune in every Wednesday from 14 to 28 July 2021 at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (GMT+8)

Weekly Programme:





14 Jul 2021

(3 - 4 PM)

Introduction to Phase 1 Trial

COVID-19 vaccine trial experience sharing

Dr. Alan Fong Yean Yip

Consultant Cardiologist & CRC head of Sarawak General Hospital

Mr. Chew Chun Keat 

Technical Head of Centre for Clinical Trial, ICR

Dr. Cheah Wee Kooi

Physician & Geriatrician, Head of Medical Dept & Clinical Research Centre, 

Taiping Hospital

Dr. Kalaiarasu M. Peariasamy


Institute for Clinical Research (ICR)

Dr. Akhmal Yusof


Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM)

21 Jul 2021

(3 - 4 PM)

COVID-19 Updates in Palliative Care

Malaysia's experience in WHO's COVID-19 Solidarity Trial

Dr. Richard Lim Boon Leong

Palliative Medicine Physician, Head of Palliative Unit, Selayang Hospital

Dr. Chow Ting Soo

Infectious Disease Physician, Penang General Hospital

Prof. Dr. Goh Bak Leong

Senior Consultant Nephrologist,

Hospital Serdang

Dato' Dr. Goh Pik Pin

Former Director of ICR & Director of Kasih Hospice Foundation. 

28 Jul 2021

(3 - 4 PM)

Introduction to Phase 2 & 3 trial

Social Media the New Tool in Clinical Trial?

Dato' Dr. Chang Kian Meng

Senior Consultant Haematologist & Transplant Physician,

Sunway Medical Centre

Dr. Hajah Salina Abdul Aziz

Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Epidemiologist, Head of CRC, Head of Psychiatric and Mental Health Department,

Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Datin Dr. Sheamini Sivasampu

Public Health Physician,

Institute of Clinical Research

Dr. Akhmal Yusof


Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM)

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    This is a weekly live webinar organized by Institute for Clinical Research (ICR), National Institutes of Health (NIH) Malaysia.