FAQ for Webinar Series On COVID-19

FAQ for Webinar Series On COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions for Webinar Series On COVID-19

1. What is this webinar about?

This is a weekly live webinar organized by Institute for Clinical Research (ICR), National Institutes of Health (NIH) Malaysia

The objective is to disseminate knowledge on COVID-19 management and infection control practices to medical practitioners in the public and private hospitals in Malaysia.

2. Who can attend this webinar?

All healthcare professionals and allied health are encouraged to attend this webinar.

3. How to join the webinar?

There are 6 ways to watch the webinar live. You can join us live using your preferred social media account or one of the options below.

Website Links:

4. How much does it cost to attend the webinar? How do I register for the webinar?

It is free of charge. No registration required. Just go to one of the six options above on the designated date and time.

5. Can I get CPD points from attending this webinar?

Yes, all healthcare professionals and allied health personnel working in Malaysia can get CPD points for attending this webinar. Just fill up the online attendance form during the live webinar, and you will receive a certificate of participation. You will earn 1 CPD point/per hour for each webinar session. 

6. Can I get CPD point when I watch the recorded session on YouTube/Facebook/Twitter?

No. The CPD points are given to those who attend the webinar in real-time only,

7. How to fill up online attendance to obtain my e-Certificate and where to find the link?

The link for online attendance would be broadcasted live on the video and posted on social media during the webinar session. You may find the link for online attendance at the captions of the live video session. However, the attendance form link will expire after the live webinar ended, as the CPD points are only given to those who attend the event live.

When filling the attendance form, remember to fill in all the blanks accordingly. Double-check your e-mail before submission because the e-Certificate generated would be sent to the e-mail address provided. (Usually the certificate failed to deliver because of mistake in email address)

Do contact the administrators if you have successfully submitted the online attendance form but did not receive your e-Certificate after 2-3 hours of submission of the attendance form.

8. How do I get notification or updates on this weekly webinar?

You can follow us on our social media for latest update and development. You can also subscribe to our mailing list here: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/c7n2o6

9. I am a healthcare provider working outside Malaysia, but I am interested in obtaining CPD points for the webinar. Is it possible for me to do so?

You may submit your attendance (For steps, refer to Question 6) and apply for CPD points under your CPD provider in your country. Do check with your local CPD provider for more details.

10. Is it possible for me to ask questions during the webinar?

Yes, definitely. You may use the website https://app.sli.do to ask questions during the webinar event. Our event code is #hcsmMY.

Feel free to interact with participants from various social media platform, but please refrain from asking questions in the chat box under the live video session, as it would be difficult for the speakers to trace back the questions during the live session. Always submit your questions to the Slido link provided. If you are unable to submit your question, you can get help from your colleagues or friends to do so for you.

Issues regarding certificate 

11. Thank you for sending me the cert, but why I cannot open my certificate?

The certificate is in PDF format, but some mobile devices may have a problem opening PDF files. Please make sure you have good internet access to download the certificate, and you have installed a PDF reader on your device. 

If you have a good internet and a regular PDF reader app on your mobile device, but still cannot open the certificate, do try to open your email on a computer desktop/laptop. 

12. I received your email about the certificate, but there is no attachment in the email. Where is the certificate?

The most common reason is unstable internet and the email app (on your mobile device) did not download the attachment (the certificate). Do try to login to your email using an internet browser (like chrome, safari, firefox). You will see your certificate in the email. 

13. Why I did not receive my certificate of participation?

The most common reason is a mistake when filling in the email address field in the online attendance form. Above is a compilation of screenshots of email notification why the certificate failed to deliver to some participants. 

The online attendance form is only available during the live webinar session. When the webinar finished, the online attendance link also expired. The CPD point is only given to those who participated in the live webinar (in real-time). 

CPD - Issues regarding MMA CPD and MYCPD system

14. I scanned the MMA CPD QR code during the webinar session. Do I get e-certificate?

No. MMA members get instant CPD point when they use MMA app to scan the MMA QR code. So they will not get e-certificate.

15. I am a MMA member, but I did not scan the MMA QR code. I filled up the online attendance form instead. So, when will the CPD point appear in my MMA account/app?

It will take around 7 working days for the CPD points to appear in MMA system. If the CPD point did not appear after 7 working days, please do write to us via email. The secretariat email is available at the bottom of this FAQ.

16. I am a MMA member. How to claim ad hoc CPD point?

For MMA members, please open the MMA app, click EVENTS (located on the bottom right hand side - refer to the image below). Then click MANUAL SUBMISSIONS. Then click create submission. Fill up the details and upload your certificate. Refer to the image below.

17. I am a KKM medical doctor using MMA CPD system. Why do my points not appearing in MMA CPD app? 

Reply from MMA CPD admin: 

MMA CPD system has been successfully integrated with the MyCPD system effective January 2021 onwards. Therefore, CPD Points captured via MMA mobile app will be transferred to the MyCPD system automatically. Kindly take note that this point integration is for government doctors only.

Once the attendance has been recorded, doctors shall log in to the MMA mobile app and check under Cumulative CPD section - "points sent to MyCPD". (Refer to the image above)

In case doctors have any problem with MyCPD points (ie, CPD points captured are not reflected in the MyCPD system), doctors may contact the MyCPD person in-charge at 03-88831457 or email to mycpd@moh.gov.my for assistance. Please take note that the CPD points might also be pending due to supervisor review.

18. I am a KKM medical doctor using MYCPD system. Why I do not see my CPD points when I login to https://www.mycpd2.moh.gov.my/?

MMC has new CPD guideline which started in July 2020. Here is the announcement from MYCPD website:

If you have not created a new HCP in MYCPD system, new CPD points gained after 1st of July 2020 will not appear in your profile due to this new regulation in MMC and MYCPD system. 

Please contact MyCPD person in-charge at 03-88831457 or email to mycpd@moh.gov.my for assistance. 

References from MYCPD

19. Let say after I created a new HCP in MYCPD, will all my CPD points appear? 

We are not MYCPD admin, and we do not have an answer to this question. Please consult  MyCPD person in-charge at 03-88831457 or email to mycpd@moh.gov.my for assistance.

If you have the certificates, maybe you can try to claim CPD point under "Unlisted Program --> New Claim" and you submit the info and certificate on your own. 


20. What is the webinar event ID in NSR CPD?

Please refer to the table below. 

May take some time to get NSR approval for the latest event. We will share once we have the details.

Other issues

21. Who should I contact if I require more information regarding this Webinar Session?

You can send us direct messages via our Facebook (https://facebook.com/ClinUpCOVID) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/IcidMy or https://twitter.com/clinUp_covid).

22. Who should I contact if I have any question regarding this webinar?

Please submit any questions to: MyICID1@gmail.com

For certificate issues, please contact contact@crc.gov.my

Please provide your full name (as written in the online attendance form), NRIC, email typed and phone number. 

We will try to respond to your enquiries as soon as possible.