Development of Questionnaires for Quantitative Medical Research

Development of Questionnaires for Quantitative Medical Research

In research, a questionnaire is an important instrument for collecting data. The quality of the questionnaire has an impact on data collecting success and, ultimately, on the study's objectives (s). The overall approach to developing four types of questionnaires for quantitative research is discussed in this book: 

  1. questionnaires for capturing facts or information, 
  2. questionnaires for evaluating knowledge, 
  3. questionnaires for measuring latent variables, and 
  4. questionnaires for screening or diagnosing a subject. 

This book is intended to be a quick reference for researchers who need to create a high-quality questionnaire for their survey research.

About Author:

Dr. Mohamad Adam Bujang is a Senior Research Officer at the Institute for Clinical Research (ICR), Ministry of Health, Malaysia shared his many years of experience in conducting medical research consultation in this short, concise e-book. Now, it is available for free at your favourite e-book store.

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