Webinar 09 - Care For Vulnerable Populations during COVID-19 Pandemic

Webinar 09 - Care For Vulnerable Populations during COVID-19 Pandemic

Care For Vulnerable Populations during COVID-19 Pandemic

This week's webinar will focus:

  • Liver injury in COVID-19,
  • Care for maternal and child health in primary care and palliative care during COVID-19 pandemic

Panellists for this week:

  • Dr. Rozita Binti Zakaria is the Head of Service Family Medicine, Family Medicine Consultant, Klinik Kesihatan Presint 18, Putrajaya

  • Dr. Tan Soek Siam is the Senior Consultant Hepatologist, Department of Hepatology, Selayang Hospital. Dr.Tan’s research interests include acute liver failure, acute-on-chronic liver failure, chronic hepatitis B and C, autoimmune liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and liver transplantation. She is the principal investigator of numerous viral hepatitis B and C and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease clinical trials. She had won several grants for research and clinical trial funding.

  • Dr. Vanitha A/P R. Thangaratnam is a Senior Hospice Doctor, working with Kasih Hospice Care Society in Petaling Jaya, which is a non governmental organization providing free medical, psychosocial, emotional and spiritual support for patients with life limiting illness. Dr Vanitha has been working with Kasih Hospice Care Society for the past 12 years and is in charge of the medical team.

  • Sunita Kaur A/P Manmohan Singh is the Senior Hospice Nurse, Kasih Hospice. She joined Kasih Hospice 6 years ago. Prior to this, she was a head nurse in King Fahad Military Medical Complex in Saudi Arabia.


YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/EyLxI_OzOLA 

Transcript with Q&A: https://cutt.ly/VySexK7

Slide Presentation:

Maternal And Child Health Services During Covid-19 Pandemic At Health Clinics – Embracing The New Normal by Dr. Rozita Binti Zakaria, KK Persint 18, Putrajaya https://cutt.ly/6yUHXnw

Liver injury in COVID-19 by Dr.Tan Soek Siam, Senior Consultant, Hepatology Department, Hospital Selayang https://cutt.ly/tyUHLdw

Hospice Persists During Coronavirus Pandemic And The New Norm by Dr. Vanitha A/P R. Thangaratnam, Senior Hospice Doctor, Kasih Hospice https://cutt.ly/YyUHG5R 

Serving Our Community During a Pandemic: A Sharing experience by Sunita Kaur A/P Manmohan Singh, Senior Hospice Nurse https://cutt.ly/vyUHALo


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