Webinar 08 - The flip side of the COVID-19 pandemic

Webinar 08 - The flip side of the COVID-19 pandemic

How does COVID-19 impact on emergency care attendance, hospital admissions and population mortality?

Panellists for this week:

  • Dr. Mahathar Abd Wahab is a Consultant Emergency Physician, Head of Emergency and Trauma Department, Hospital Kuala Lumpur. His area of interest are Emergency Critical Care, Critical Ultrasound & Medical Law.

  • Dr. Md Khadzir bin Sheikh Ahmad is the Head of Health Informatics Centre, Ministry of Health, Malaysia. He is now leading the development of Malaysian Health Data Warehouse (MyHDW), the project was developed using more than 90% local technology; and launched by the Health Minister in April 2017. The Malaysian Health Data Warehouse collect visit data from all healthcare facilities; Ministry of Health; private healthcare; universities and army healthcare facilities. MyHDW also able to analyse unstructured and structured data with development of MyHarmony and utilization of SNOMED CT in the system. The Phase 2 of MyHDW just concluded; and are now continuing with utilization of the system, to bring in the data into MyHDW and preparing for Big Data Analytics (BDA).

  • Prof. Dr. Ng Chiu Wan is Professor of Public Health in the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine (SPM) at the University of Malaya. Prof Ng is an expert in Health Systems and Policies. She has been consultant for international bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO).


Slide presentation:

Living with COVID-19 - How It Changes the EM Practices - a brief overview by Dr. Mahathar Abd Wahab (slide: https://cutt.ly/hyQwWRM)

The Malaysian Health Data Warehouse (MyHDW) by Dr. Md Khadzir bin Sheikh Ahmad (Live demostration, no slide)

Death in the Time of Corona by Prof. Dr. Ng Chiu Wan (No slide. Just preliminary data, Still an ongoing analysis)


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