TGP Inspirational Leadership Podium 01/2023: Leadership Resilience - Conquering Uncertainty & Setbacks

TGP Inspirational Leadership Podium 01/2023: Leadership Resilience - Conquering Uncertainty & Setbacks

Part 1 (audio podcast) - Talk by Dato’ Sri Idris Jala

Part 2 (audio podcast) - Forum Discussion on Leadership Resilience, Conquering Uncertainty & Setbacks

A TGP Inspirational Leadership Podium 01/2023 featuring Dato’ Sri Idris Jala, President and Chairman of PEMANDU Associates. It is a platform for well-known, established, and prominent public leaders to share their experiences and knowledge from their careers. This virtual podium is co-organized by TGP Talent Cohort 10 & TGP Secretariat, Institute for Health Management.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, political leaders and healthcare systems worldwide are tested by exposing deficits in crisis communication, leadership, preparedness and flexibility. Many factors such as global supply chains suddenly failing, contradictory information provided by the media and the role of politics in shaping each country's response to the crisis. This pandemic has not only affected health but has impacted the economy, liberty, and privacy. In the healthcare sector, this has dampened the work pace, quality of research, and effectiveness of communication within the scientific community. However, with every challenge comes the opportunity for healthcare organizations, leaders, and researchers to learn from their mistakes and to place their countries and institutions in a better position to face future challenges. Therefore, in these circumstances, the core of good leadership with resilience is decision-making. This involves recognition and proper assessment of the problem. By having the best available evidence, a timely decision must be made. But this must be done through optimal communication and followed through with progress in the planned direction. Through this Podium with Dato' Sri Idris Jala, we hope that we can learn the characteristics of responsible leaders during the crisis and their resilience in facing the pandemic and providing service for the people and nation.