FAQ for NIH MY Online CME

FAQ for NIH MY Online CME

1. What is NIH MY Online CME?

It is an online medical resource providing healthcare professionals and allied health personnel with convenient, quick, credible and precise information to assist in healthcare and patient care.

Currently, the online CME modules are based on the previous weekly “Clinical Updates in COVID-19” webinars hosted by the Institute for Clinical Research (ICR), National Institutes of Health (NIH) Malaysia.

2. What are the benefits of these Online CME Modules?

The benefits of these Online CME Modules are as followed:

  • Those who were not able to tune in to the live webinar on Thursday afternoon, they can still earn CPD points 
  • CME is important for healthcare workers and this is a way we can empower and protect our frontliners (government and private sectors) by equipping them with updated medical knowledge.

3. I am not a medical doctor. Can I still earn CPD points by joining these Online CME Modules?

Yes, of course. All healthcare professionals and allied health personnel can register and join the online CME and earn CPD points.

4. How much does it cost to join the Online CME?

The online CME modules are free of charge.

5. How to join the Online CME Modules?

The Online CME Modules are available on the website: https://nih-cme.coursify.me/.

6. How do I create an account for the Online CME Modules?

Go to https://nih-cme.coursify.me to sign up in order to enrol. You only require an active e-mail account and mobile phone number to sign up. (Figure 1)

Using the Coursify.me account you have created; you can enrol all the Online CME Modules provided. (Figure 2)

Figure 1: Sign up on NIH MY Online CME

Figure 2: How to join the online CME module

7. How do get CPD points?

To complete the session, participants will need to answer a self-assessment quiz, which contains multiple choice questions (MCQ). Participants who scored 60% and above will receive a certificate of completion which translate into One (1) CPD point. 

Medical doctors will get 1 CPD point under MMC CPD Category A7 (new MMC CPD system 1st July 2020), other healthcare professionals and allied health personnel will get 1 CPD point under MMC CPD category A8.

8. Is this online CME recognized by MMC?

Yes, these online CME modules are recognized by NSR MMC CPD, MYCPD and MMA CPD.

For NSR MMC CPD members, you can claim CPD points under video conference (previously A4i and now it should be in A3 category). As for MMA CPD members, your points will be automatically reflected within a month’s time when you successfully completed the online CME with score of 60% and above.

9. How can we get the e-Certificate for the Online CME Module?

Upon completion of the learning modules and self-assessment quiz score of 60% and above, you will receive an e-Certificate via email. If you did not pass, you will still receive an e-mail from us. If you do not receive any e-mail after completing the course, do check your Spam folder/junk mail. If, it is not there, do contact the administrators.

10. I am a healthcare provider working outside Malaysia, can I get CPD points when I successfully completed the Online CME Module?

Upon passing the self-assessment quiz, you will be awarded with an e-Certificate. You have to check with your local CPD provider for more details.

11. Who should I contact if I require more information regarding this Online CME Module?

You can send us direct messages via our Facebook (https://facebook.com/ClinUpCOVID) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/clinUp_covid) or email to us at nihcovid19@moh.gov.my

12. I do not want to do online CME, how can I join the live webinar?

You are welcome to join our webinar live which is free of charge. Do follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter) or you can sign up the email newsletter for updates. 

You can also read about live webinar FAQ here: https://clinupcovid.mailerpage.com/resources/t9z3h2-frequently-asked-questions-for-cl

13. What is the difference between live webinar and this online CME modules

Live webinar

Online CME module


You have to follow the exact time when the webinar goes live.

You can do this at your own time. It is flexible and self-paced.

CPD point

MMC CPD category A3, (1 point/hour)

MMC CPD category A7 or A8, (1 point/module)

Opportunity to ask questions to the expert

Yes. You can ask questions to the speakers and panellists.

No, you cannot ask question since it is a recorded session


Yes, when you filled up the online attendance form

Yes, when you completed the self- assessment survey with the score of 60% and above

Can I access to the materials afterwards?

Yes, via NIH COVID-19 websites and social media

Yes, via online CME website