NCCR 2020: Symposium 2

NCCR 2020: Symposium 2

This is a recording from NCCR 2020: Conference Of Very Important Disease (COVID-19) | 24 - 26 August 2020 | Malaysia. If you are interested to know more about the speakers and moderator, please click here to go to NCCR Conference website.

Symposium 2

Moderator: Dr Fazilah Shaik Allaudin

Deputy Director, Planning Division, Ministry of Health (MOH), Malaysia

Presentation 01: Emergency Transition and Experiential Learning during COVID-19 Disruption: The Rise of Webinar Era

By: Dr Chew Cheng Hoon

Institute for Clinical Research, National Institute of Health (NIH), Malaysia

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Presentation 02: Key Strategies in the Pandemic Preparedness as COVID-19 Hospital

By: Dr Kuldip Kaur a/p Prem Singh

Hospital Director, Sungai Buloh Hospital, Malaysia

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Plenary 4: COVID-19 & the Future: New Paradigms in Medicine & Healthcare

By: Professor Dr Ogan Gurel

Distinguished Invited Professor, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST), South Korea


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